When the world we live in is made up of Energy it kinda makes sense to do Energy Exercises 

If you are suffering from any conditions please watch my Distant Healing Video in a nice quiet place it will help clear any stagnate energy allowing you to heal & regenerate. 

Clean your Chakra's which clears most of your stress, anxiety. 

Light the 7 Candles that leads you to internal bliss. 

Activate your hands, then use your hands to hover over the area that needs healing 

Breath through different body parts will increase the flow of oxygen & Energy going to that part of the body that needs healing. 

Removing stagnate energy allows new energy to flow to the area of the body that needs to Heal. 

Connecting in with the Trees and asking Gaia to please help heal you  is an amazing experience. You also send healing to the Earth, be prepared for a nice surprise. 

Learn to ground become a Tree close your eyes and ask  the question show me what I need to do to heal myself. Become more centred, gain more wisdom control your breath.  

Solar Gazing exercise is how you charge up your soul. We are light beings so we need to absorb light and when we do this we are able to heal and regenerate quicker. It is one of the keys to decalcifying your pineal gland. Please do every day. 

Do the energy exercises daily if you are serious about changing your lifestyle around for the better please watch all the above videos and do them the same time I do them. It took me 3 days before I could actually feel any energy so don't give up it works, those that do energy exercises have increase soul awareness and consciousness & your abilities will increase.   

I approve these energy exercises while taking CBD Oil.

Take your required dose of CBD Oil and please start with the Soul Healing Exercise after a few days of doing this exercise please add on & start with Yin Yoga. Take it slow if you are suffering from any condition, healing just doesn't happen overnight it takes a lot of hard work daily so don't give up you can become a better healthier you as it all starts from within.