Energy 101 Radio Show 

Peter Shelton & Trent James will be talking about getting back to basics on energy and flow. We will be expressing what we have come to and where we have been energetically and physically to the depths of our inner core being where biological drives are at there strongest, whereby fear and survival mechanism are on high alert. Bringing consciousness to these parts of our selves helps us to be more present and focused in our creative abilities rather than anchored in past traumas or anticipated future anxieties, that drain our soul energy in order to avoid facing, embracing and moving forwards.

We are hoping to have many open discussions and depart lots of good knowledge and techniques from the new genre of energy and its basics there. Trent and I are both eager to express the information and share some interesting connections with energy at these levels.


Sunday Feb 23rd 
7pm Bali
12pm Europe 
6am New York 
7pm Perth 
🔥 Limited Tickets $10 each 🔥


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Energy 101 Radio Show #1